I decided to move without movers... Step 1: cartons!

June 27 2016

OK, I already planned to rent my truck at CarGo.
Now rest... cartons!
Compose its cartons for moving, the greatest challenge!

1 supply

Solution 1: I go back the sleeves.
Nothing more simple, I activate my network: minimarkets and supermarkets, shops and restaurants in the area, nobody is spared!


Solution 2: I ask my DEM Kit' CarGo *!
Cartons, wide tape, bubble wrap, cutters, markers, protective covers and one or two Devils... I have everything available by CarGo, and so everything handy! I ask for the rental, I just pick them up before ;-)

2 information and prevention

Each carton must display its contents and its destination.
And for apprentices movers, so it is written 'Fragile', here we go gently.
And furniture... It or break it?
Grandmother closet or Dresser last cry, to do a tracking of places: if it does not pass on the stairs, you need a lift.

3. the great class in all circumstances

I warn the neighbors and the guardian of my move. That day, the elevator is to me.

4. the eco-moving or how to sort?

The move can become a good pretext to get rid of what is no longer! What is in good condition, I sell on the Net. For the rest, I spend a little bit of wire at the town hall to find out where is the waste.